Dodgeball announced as a leading orchestration platform in About Fraud’s 2023 Solutions Infographic

Featured in 2023 About Fraud solutions infographic

About Fraud is a global community of fraud professionals that publishes a yearly landscape of solutions. We’re excited to be featured in the 2023 version. We like this guide, because it provides a comprehensive view that really shows the best of the Trust, Fraud, and Security industry. We’re proud to be mentioned in such great company. 

The ideal solution for any one business is often a collection of 7+ of these solutions. Whether you need to: 

  • verify or authenticate identity
  • spot fraud and money laundering in insurance, banking, telecom, or merchants
  • mitigate chargebacks and crypto risk

This guide is a great way to get started. You may want to get started with one particular vendor, or you can use an orchestration layer like Dodgeball to make integrations a breeze. 

We support many of these vendors with a simple drag & drop, and will have virtually total coverage in the coming cycles. Watch the Dodgeball Overview video to learn more.